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A long long time ago behind thousand mountains and lakes there lived a king.
Oh, he was one angry king who just loved shouting. He shouted to everyone and for everything. He shouted all the time and so much that the only voice he knew was he´s own.

He lived alone in his castle because no one wanted to live with him or work for him. When he went to his forest the birds stopped singing. When he went down to his village all the doors were locked and windows were closed. People stayed indoors because they was so afraid of their shouting king.

One day the King heard a knocking on his door.
“Who is there?” he shouted.
No one answered but another knocking.
“Who´s there? Answer right away or I will break the door!” the King got so angry.
“It is your own door”, said a little voice behind the wall.

King opened the door and a litlle boy  was standing there with a big basket in front of him.
“What do you want” the King shouted again.
The little boy said shyly: “I thought that maybe you are so angry because you are hungry. I bought you some muhrooms and berries, eggs and birds. This is all from your own forest.”
The King was so surprised that even forgot shouting. “I have birds in my forest?” he asked. “I have never heard them singing.”
Little boy looked at him with a big compassion and started to go away. Suddenly he turned around and asked

“Have you ever thought what would be life without shouting?”

Then he run away.

The King got so angry again and slammed the door shut. But later, when he was sitting alone and having a nice dinner thanks to a little boy, he thought to give it a try. To listen.
Because he actually was a pretty smart and kind king. He just didn´t know how to behave.

He sat quietly.
5 minutes…
15 minutes…
30 minutes…
Nothing happened.

The King almost started to get angry again when he suddenly heard something.
Tick, tick,tick…
There was a sound of something.
King started to look around to see what is doing that voice. And he saw a gorgeous clock on a wall.
“Oh, clock, it is just beautiful what you are telling me”, he said.

Then he got up and run to his forest. “Birds, sing me a song,” he shouted. But all the birds were gone.
But the King didn´t give up. With a smile on his hips he sat quietly under the tree and waited. After an hour he heard it. A nice bird whistling. Then the other one and the other one. Once all the forest was full of birds song. King was so happy and birds were not afraid of him anymore.

King run down to his village. First he thought to shout again but then remembered what happened in the forest. So, he just quietly entered the village and saw his people working. When people saw him, they run indoors. Only the same little boy who visited the King before, didn´t run.
“Why everybody is running away? I didn´t say anything” asked the King from him.

“Well, they just remember your loud voice and don´t trust you yet. Just give them some time” and he smiled to the King.
They did a nice walk around the village and little boy showed everything thay are doing there. King was so impressed and just nodded silently.

When people saw it from the windows, they started to come out. After some time all the people were outside abreast like seeing some kind of miracle.
King stopped in front of them and asked

“Why no one ever told me just to shut up?” 

And he cuddled the little boy with a great  laugh.
People were so happy to have a great King who knew how to listen.

And they lived happily ever after.

Author: Kati Orav
23nd of august 2013
Sänna, Estonia
“Wise leadership in practice” training