Thank you, stars! - Creativity Catcher

Just a thing I need to share considering myself as one of the fortunate woman in the world…

I couldn’t be more grateful and lucky to have a best friend and biggest supporter as I have on the face of my beloved husband. He is the sweetest person in the whole world.

My partner in crime, my greatest passion and biggest love.

Likely he feels the same about me cos otherwise he wouldn’t be there at home with our so little children while their mom is out there searching herself for 9 long days. Makes me think that there must be something in me as well if I have given a gift to have this kind of man in my life 🙂

My younger sister once said me so great words when I told about my passion about the work I would like to do:

“Go for it cos you have completed your supporting team”

Thank you, my supporting team.
My anchors, my home.
Thank you Ingmar, Samuel and Ruben.


“…. To some it’s the strength to be apart
To some it’s a feeling in the heart
And when you’re out there on your own, it’s the way back home…. “