The Hero's journey. - Creativity Catcher

It’s been awhile since my last post in English. I think that I have made them several times in my head but just haven’t had the right moment to write them down.

I’v been on a road since 27th of october and there has been quite a lot of things to manage before 2 weeks traveling. So- the writing was kind of background.

And then the journey started….
First we were in Italy for a little family holiday. It was our first time to travel by plain with both children. And it was fantastic. Samuel and Ruben just love traveling and are very curious about everything around them. It makes me happy.

Then I left my family in Tallinn and found myself in Copenhagen. With a huge longing in my heart I asked myself, why I am doing it? Why I am not there with my family and is this a right place to be at the moment? But i guess that I just needed to trust what had happened and where is life calling me.

I participated in first ever “Story Dojo” leaded by Mary-Alice Arthur and 3 other fantastic women. I will get back to it soon cos there is so much to share but at the moment I need to dig into it by myself.

However, from now on I can call myself officially a Story Activist.

What ever it means….
But, from a words of Mary- Alice, Story Activist is somebody who

  • engage and welcome stories everywhere
  • work with story to inspire possibility
  • wisely blend story and activism


I have found myself doing the first thing a lot. But the greatest challenge is about the other 2 things. Will I be wise enough, will I be ready to work with other stories?

So, it got clear to me that

I have to know my own story before I can work with others stories!

And then I knew- I was out there to find my story. To be in my own Hero’s journey.

At the moment I am in Greece, in Delphi where Tool Fair VIII is taking the place. Trainers ( mostly working in youthfield) from all over Europe come together to share new tools and ideas. I love the common line of Tool Fair:

A tool is only as good as the skills of the craftsman/woman using it!

It seems that in my story there is some new things to discover and thought to bring in for moving on. The first days and workshops have shown me that this was something I also needed and I am not growing only inside but also outside. If you can understand what I mean 🙂

Well, let’s see where the story will lead me. And if I am still swimming in trouble water, there is always an Oracle to meet. Because here in Delphi she lives, isn’t it so???