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Once upon a time there was a lovely princess.
She just loved cleaning. Specially she was  fond of washing dishes and cleaning toilets. When ever she got a free moment she run to help the kingdom servants. Her parents didn ´t like it much cos it wasn ´t appropriate to a little princess but they hoped that it will pass with time.

Princess also had a big dream and it was to become a queen. Sadly it wasn´t possible cos she had an older brother who already had a birthright to become a king. So, little princess just had the moments when she put on his fathers crown and imagined to be a great queen who took care of worlds cleanliness. Her dolls were her servants who day by day cleaned toilets and washed dishes.

Oh how she wished the dream to came true.

Time passed and little princess grow up. She travelled a lot and she forgot her game and dream. But she got some very great friends. And one day she had a chance to go to help a friend with one big happening. To be a volunteer in organizers team. One of the team members needed to take care of cleanliness. To make sure that the dishes are washed and toilets are clean. Little princess, who wasn´t so little anymore took this duty. In the opening circle her friend introduced her as one of the queens in practical matters. And there she suddenly was.

A queen.
A queen of cleanliness.


Author: Kati Orav
22nd of august 2013
Sänna, Estonia
“Wise leadership in practice” training

PS. sometimes the narratives arise out of some very certain context. And to understand it better, you should know the background. This is one of those narratives 🙂