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My mission is to help people rediscover two innate abilities – scribbling and imagination – and make them work for their advantage. I help people to be more efficient thinkers by teaching them visual simplification. More efficient thinking means more success in learning, communicating, team work, leading and in any process that life throws at us.

I am a curious learner who loves to read a lot and to make new discoveries by creating associations. As an Educational Innovation postgraduate student at the University of Tartu, I research visual thinking and simplification in the context of education. My big dream is to methodically develop visual practices and introduce them to the educational system of the entire world, backed up with evidence.

Thinking with a pencil

In Estonia, I am one of the first and currently one of the few visual thinking and simplification facilitators and trainers. In addition, I train people outside Estonia and am a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP), European communities for visual practitioners (EVP) as well as inclusive leadership practitioners (AoH).

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