Educational innovation

We are changing
the world

stroke by stroke

The teachers are the first ones who can bring a change into education. Therefore, we are creating an evidence-based programme namely for the teachers to change scribbling in the classroom a simple and natural learning process both for them and the students. We believe that a teacher’s courage and skill to consciously think, listen, and talk with a pencil inspires our children or the future generation to use scribbling in any field of life. But we are not doing it alone. Education is for the learners and thus we are also involving them on this journey. Everyone of us is a learner, especially the teacher.

Our first step is dreaming that one day thinking with a pencil would be part of teacher training all over the world. It triggers us, it scares us but we do not give up and shall work for it.

The next step would in our imagination be a world where adults do not need to be taught innate abilities to make their daily life better, but these skills would develop with us as we grow, through home, kindergarten, and school.

This means that the biggest goal of the programme is to prepare future adults who know how to use conscious scribbling as an efficient tool for learning, planning, setting goals, collaboration, reflection… whatever they need for a fulfilled life.

We have created a voluntary group of teachers and are establishing a methodology with their students that would allow the teacher to be a better skilled visual thinker and a more daring user of visuals. We are looking for different possibilities to bring visual practices into the learning process in a way that would be simple and natural. We are researching how it helps to develop the students’ visual thinking and scribbling skill/courage.

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