Graphic Facilitation

Kati | 25 august, 2016
In English

aka training for all of you, who are curious about: “How to use the strategically thought-out doodling in my work and daily life?”

Happy new year!

Kati | 1 jaanuar, 2014
In English, Soovitused

For the year 2014 I wish you all at least one totally new and exciting story. That you could write it to your lifebook with proud!

Thank you, stars!

Kati | 6 november, 2013
In English, Minu lood

Just a thing I need to share considering myself as one of the fortunate woman in the world… I couldn’t be more grateful and lucky to have a best friend and biggest supporter as I have on the face of my beloved husband. He is the sweetest person in the whole world. My partner in […]

The Hero’s journey.

Kati | 6 november, 2013
In English

It’s been awhile since my last post in English. I think that I have made them several times in my head but just haven’t had the right moment to write them down. I’v been on a road since 27th of october and there has been quite a lot of things to manage before 2 weeks […]

A powerful question

Kati | 11 september, 2013
In English, Narratives

A long long time ago behind thousand mountains and lakes there lived a king. Oh, he was one angry king who just loved shouting. He shouted to everyone and for everything. He shouted all the time and so much that the only voice he knew was he´s own. He lived alone in his castle because […]

Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans

Kati | 9 september, 2013
In English

Birds are gathering together. It´s travelling time to them. Time to leave Estonia for while. Summer is over. Dark and cold times ahead. People are moving in- in every sense. A week ago was 1 st of september. Kind of remarkable day of a year. Almost like 1st of january. Well, at least here in […]

Quality time.

Kati | 4 september, 2013
In English

I´m alone in a bookstore cafe. Oh, I love bookstores and it is always nice to have a cup of tea while checking what is new in books world. This is what I call a quality time with myself. Today there is a nice couple sitting beside me. They are both quietly reading some books. […]

The magic of generations

Kati | 30 august, 2013
In English, Päevapalad

In our small village the kindergarten is in a same house with retirement and nursing home. Every morning the old men are sitting outside and when I´m passing them with my little children they talk to us. Well, they actually talk to my small ones. They are so cool and my children like them a […]

Who said that dreams will not come true?

Kati | 29 august, 2013
In English, Narratives

Once upon a time there was a lovely princess. She just loved cleaning. Specially she was  fond of washing dishes and cleaning toilets. When ever she got a free moment she run to help the kingdom servants. Her parents didn ´t like it much cos it wasn ´t appropriate to a little princess but they […]