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Kati Orav

Kati Orav, photo credit: Gert Lutter

I am Kati and I invite YOU and YOUR TEAM to be a part of the magic of the imperfect line- to understand that this is where perfection lies. The visual facilitation technique behind it is affordable for everyone and helps in any situation 🙂


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Visual facilitation training


Working more visually takes thinking, creativity, and collaboration to a whole new level. At the meta-level.
It’s about thinking about your own thoughts, learning from your learning, and putting your ideas in context.

The habit of sketching gives you strength over your thoughts and the freedom to create the future.
The habit of sketching with others uplifts the cooperation of your TEAM to a whole new level.




Visual facilitation training

There are several ways to learn how to work and sketch more visually:

All of this can easily be as a web version 🙂


Visual facilitation training

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