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Talking at a conference or giving a workshop

The meeting could last 20, 45, or 90 minutes and its focus can vary.
One is for sure: I shall make all the participants draw with me.

I want to share my knowledge, skills, and research with as many people as possible and I am always glad to perform at conferences or give a workshop.

Drawing is the basic skill of being a human, forgotten by us. Visual facilitation is a language we can all learn to use, and it can be linked with a lot of areas. We need to see our thoughts and plans everywhere and share them with others. Primarily, these are personal tools, making it thus possible to share this topic with people from very many different fields of life. However, it is also possible to focus on a certain field.

Talking at a conference
TEDxTartu 2016
Johan Hallimäe, Delfi

My research includes many topics that could be discussed with the scribbling skill:


Talking at a conference
Pärnu Juhtimiskonverents 2016
Urmas Kamdron

Conferences I’ve been to and speeches I’ve given:

You can also watch the Tedx Talk made in Tartu in 2016, where I used a digital tablet during a performance for the first time in my life. The topic was “How to draw the future- a quick course on graphic simplification”