Information to participants - Creativity Catcher

Thank you so much for taking part in the training 🙂 Here are some materials and thoughts for you to be on track with Graphic Facilitation.



  1. To learn more with your team, check the  TEAM LEARNING OPTIONS. Shortly to sum it up here too:

    All of this can easily be as a web version 🙂



  1. To read about the topic, me, and my mission visit my WEBSITE.
  2. Discover a free book and examples, click to MATERIALS.
    PS. If you click on the pic, it opens pdf and you can download it. Sometimes it is needed to click twice.
  3. To read a bit more about why drawing as a thinking tool is so essential then read my BLOG.
  4. If you want to get my NEWSLETTER in English, then please write to me
    PS. I am about to create an e-course in English. Be first to get to know about it.



  1. Some of the books I love about the topic can be found on Amazon:
    – Sibbet, D. “Visual Meetings”– Paniagua, D. “Visual Metaphors…”– Rohde, M. “Sketchnote Handbook…”– Frank, N. & Madsen, A. “Draw to learn…”– Brown, S. “The Doodle Revolution…”
  2. You can always find more books on the internet or search for videos on Youtube using the keywords: visual thinking, visual facilitation, sketchnoting, graphic facilitation, metaphors, mind mapping, etc.
  3. Good tools I use myself come from NEULAND. They also have some great BOOKS.



  1. To find symbols and steal like an artist for own practice use FREEPIK.
  2. To draw with a computer mouse, discover the magic AUTODRAW.
    You can use it also with a Tab and digital pen.
  3. To design visuals, infographics, social media, etc. visit CANVA.
  4. To share ideas and work visually discover GOOGLE JAMBOARD.
  5. If you work with Tab and digital pen just find some good drawing app. There are probably a lot of free resources.As a professional, I pay for Adobe products. I use Adobe Draw on iPad for manual drawing and then I send the pic to my computer. There I use Adobe Illustrator to process it if needed.


You are always welcome to contact me if you need any help or consulting about graphic facilitation or have an idea for cooperation.

Have successful design, processes, and meetings with graphic facilitation!